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How To Prepare for IBPS PO 2013

Preparation Tips for IBPS PO 2013

This years IBPS PO Exam was relatively difficult than the IBPS PO 2011. Although, pattern of questions was more or less same and certainly, this time, conscious effort was made to increase the difficulty level and make it more calculation intensive.

As already declared by IBPS, the paper was divided into five sections viz. Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English, General Knowledge and Computer.

There was a total of 250 questions to be solved in a time span of 150 minutes. One mark was awarded for each correct answer for all sections, except English Language Section, wherein each question was for 1/2 marks. There was a 1/4 negative marking for wrong answers.

The distribution of 250 questions over the various areas is as follows –
General English – 50 questions – 25 marks
General Knowledge – 50 questions – 50 marks
Quantitative Aptitude – 50 questions – 50 marks
Logical Reasoning – 50 questions – 50 marks
Computer – 50 questions – 50 marks
Descriptive – 25 Questions
General English Section: ­

This was a moderate difficulty level although bit lengthier section. Pattern was more or less same as IBPS 1.0 and Reading comprehension part will be the overall deciding factor.

Reasoning section was a relatively tough and puzzles were taking more than usual time. Also, section was dominated by Verbal Logic – Assumptions, cause and effect and arguments.

Quantitative Aptitude :

This section was of moderate difficulty. Although questions required calculations to be done but it was a manageable section.

General Knowledge ­ This section was Relatively Easy. Questions from Banking Terminology and Awareness dominated the section. 10-12 Questions were asked from Current affairs part.

Computer Knowledge:

This was easy easy/moderate section. This time questions are not direct but needed good knowledge of the system to answer. For someone who has computers background, it was easy only but a non computer background candidate may find it slightly difficult  Overall, this section could have given maximum marks in minimum time duration.

Descriptive Section: It was also of moderate Level. Essays included -
1. Growth of banking in India
2. Microfinance companies in India
3. Construction & development in India through Green initiative.
Letter writing questions included -
1)write a letter to your brother/sister n explain the significance of census after every 10 years.
2)Write a letter to authority tell him about the lack of education facility in your area.
3)Write a letter to the editor of newspaper in which you describe that a common man can bring revolution(give example).

Overall a total score of 148+ (or 133 + without descriptive) can fetch you interview calls from most of the PSU Banks. Although, as per our analysis of this paper, candidates having a score of 130 + can also expect calls from at least 2-3 Banks.

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